Digital Photo Navigator

Digital Photo Navigator

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Utilizing the included mapping software and latest Geo-Mapping technology, the Digital Photo Navigator allows you to record and review your trip knowing exactly where you have traveled. Furthermore, if you took digital photos on your trip, it would even show you the exact location where and when your pictures were taken. The most exciting feature of all is that you can upload your photos to online photo sharing websites like flickr. It is a good way to share your trip experience with friends and families.

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  • Question: Will this download work for this old camcorder? Need to retrieve photos off of it.

    No, the application won't work for the purpose you need. For example, Digital Photo Navigator is used to add and embed GPS tracking data on a map for the pictures you've taken. Then you can use that map to see where those pictures have been taken. It's not an image editor or transfer software to download the pictures from the camcorder.

    As far as I know, the software for the JVC devices is not available for public downloading. The software is located on the CD-Rom that arrived with your device when you've purchased it.

    There is a manual describing how to install the application to transfer the content, but it also specified that its location is on a CD-ROM.

    • Manual:
  • Question: I have tried to import albums without success . It brings up the window to browse and select the album, but when I click OK it doesn't work. Can you help?

    how do i import video from my jvc camcorder to computer ?

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